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Swedish designer and manufacturer of bespoke furniture. Each piece of furniture is carefully handcrafted to the highest of standards. With the greatest attention to detail, your piece of bespoke furniture will be truly unique.


The first step in our production process is usually a consultation meeting at your home or our office. At this time we decide upon a general design as well as the functional details of the piece or interior. At this first meeting, pictures of similar furniture, color samples and even pictures of the environment in which the piece is to be placed is a great help.

Once we decide upon a design concept, we will start producing 3D-drawings for your approval. When approval is given of the design concept presented in the drawings, a price is set and a contract written.

At this point of the process we charge by the hour. We do this to allow for as much time as needed by the customer to feel completely satisfied with the concept drawing.

At the time of signing we ask for 50% of the fee for the piece or interior. We will also at this time give you an estimated delivery date.

After the contract is signed and the payment is received we start production. 

During the production of you piece or pieces we may need further approval of design details, materials or paint, in which case we either ask the customer to visit our shop or we send pictures or samples via email.

Once the production is finished and the customer is satisfied with the piece or pieces we ask for the remaining 50% of our fee before we deliver or assemble.




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